Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life. It’s the day you two decide that you’re meant for each other, forever. It’s the day when the entire world fades away, and all that matters to you is the love of your life. Shouldn’t a day as special like this be preserved for years to come?

Wedding portrait sessions are probably the most fun and exciting photo shoots I’ve done. It’s all about celebrating love, sharing contagious laughter, intimate moments and all in all, a complete whirlpool of emotions. I’ve photographed all types of couples – from those who can’t seem to keep a straight face for more than a minute, to the couples who can’t help but shed a few happy tears. I embrace my couple’s personalities as they are, and try to make sure their high spirits are evident in the photographs.

For our couple’s portrait photo shoot, we ask them to take out a couple of minutes for us. We understand how stressful it can be being away from their guests for long, so we ensure our shoot is quick and smooth. But we also focus on giving our couple time to get comfortable. After all, the more relaxed they are, the better their photographs turn out to be! In fact, we love to help around in the process. Our team joins in to share a few jokes, making sure our couple thoroughly enjoys the photo shoot. And while our couple is busy sharing an intimate moment together, we’ll be there clicking away.