My signature style is cinematic, original, and timeless

I believe that every wedding has something different to offer, and it is my passion to seamlessly capture every special, unique moment. My films are a testimonial to each couple’s love story. They truly speak to them, their relationships and their unique wedding celebrations.

I try to go by unnoticed and mix in with the crowd. For that, I use equipment that is small yet of the highest quality, in order to stay discreet and to not make you or your guests uncomfortable. Actually, they always think that I am one of the guest with a camera.

Each part of the film is created and edited with intention and thought – delivering heartfelt experiences through wedding videography in Germany. I make sure that no emotion is lost, and the video stays rich in laughter, tears and beautiful candid feelings.  I even promise to capture special moments shared with your guests, even the ones who are camera-shy!

My wedding films are surely going to captivate you each time you watch them. Take a moment to watch my previous videos, get a taste of my quality cinematography, and see what I could create for you on your big day!