About Me

Let me try and give you a quick glimpse into my delightful journey

Let me try and give you a quick glimpse into my delightful journey. I am a film graduate and completed a year at UCLA studying Cinematography. I have been in the cinematography industry for over a decade now. Starting in the fashion and media industry initially, I produced several image and fashion films, music videos, and also conducted product shoots and event coverage for leading brands.

Building upon these experiences, I decided to venture into wedding photography and founded the WEDLAB. After all, it was the raw emotions, the candid laughter that I loved capturing the most! Besides weddings, I also produce still videos and photos for distinguished brands.

The WEDLAB started by filming and photographing weddings for friends and families. I took all the skills and techniques I had gained from working in the fashion and media industry, and incorporated them into my wedding features. It is this experience that allows me to add cinematic, editorial textures and tones to my wedding shoots.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to be a part of various beautiful love stories, both in Germany and all over Europe. You will find my approach for German wedding photography and video to be quite unique. I love staying discreet and creating artistic pieces with a personal touch. Whether it was a dreamy rooftop wedding with romance in the air, or a beach wedding with a peaceful ambiance, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. After all, it’s these weddings that make me fall in love with my profession all over again.

P.S: When I am not playing with my camera and angles, I am usually traveling solo, binge-watching a new TV-series, and exploring my passion for food.

Have something else in mind for your dream wedding? I am open to all ideas. As your reliable wedding photography service in Frankfurt, I am willing to be as accommodating as possible.

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