Best Places to get Married in Germany

Choosing the venue for your wedding is quite possibly the most daunting decision you have to make– after choosing your life partner, of course.

The venue plays a great role in the wedding celebration. It needs to set the mood for the day the way you want it to, and it also needs to be affordable and convenient for the guests.

Sounds overwhelming, right? I understand that choosing the perfect venue isn’t easy, which is why I have rounded up some of the best places to get married in Germany.

1. Bavarian Alps (near Tegernsee)
Whether it is winter or summer, getting married in the resort town of Tegernsee would be no less than a dream come true.Your wedding photos will feature a glorious mountain in the backdrop, and the Bavarian Alps will provide the most breathtaking, panoramic views. I guarantee that this venue is surely going to leave a lasting impression on you (and your guests).
And once the wedding is over, you can take part in a variety of fun and exciting activities with your soul mate– the perfect way to unwind after all the wedding stress!

2. Schwetzingen Palace and Gardens
If you’re planning on getting married in Germany, we definitely can’t miss out on the most classic venue – The Schwetzingen Palace and Gardens. It’s perfect for the couples who wish to have a royal, elegant ambience on their big day.
This palace features striking gardens with tens of sculptures that are recognised as ‘the cultural heritage site of European significance.’ It is, without a doubt, one of the most picturesque venues you can choose for your wedding in Germany.

3. The Wiblingen Monastery, Ulm
This venue was constructed in 1093, and has only been renovated once in 1714. So, if you’re looking for a venue with historic value and a minimalistic, rustic ambience, you don’t need to look any further!
The Wiblingen Monastery is going to pleasantly surprise you. To many, it sounds like a place that has nothing to offer until you experience it up close. Once you’ve felt the nostalgic, whimsical air the place is surrounded with, there’s no going back. It is arguably one of the most romantic places to get married.

4. Pilsum Lighthouse, North Sea Coast
Constructed in the late 1800s to guide ships, the Pilsum Lighthouse has become a renowned wedding destination in Germany. It offers various wedding packages, including fancy horse chariots.

It is one of the most popular symbols of East Frisia, and it could also be just the perfect venue for your big day. The stunning place has a rustic, natural feel along with a majestic backdrop for your wedding photographs.

5. Garden of Senses in Merzig
This is quite possibly the most peaceful venue you could go for. As the name suggests, these gardens were created specially to trigger and appeal to the human senses. It’s been described to be “a small slice of Paradise”. Just imagine how beautiful your wedding could be.
So, if you’re a nature-freak, this venue is your dream come true! You’re surely going to fall in love with the vibrant colours, the sweet scents and dare Isay, the tastes this place has to offer.

It’s important to note that you can only book the place from May to September for civil ceremonies.
I hope this list will help you choose the best venue for your special day. Feel free to contact me for any further queries. Good luck!